Hello, I am Yara

Founder of Flambé Fleuri

Let me tell you how it all started,
Digging for old treasures in the
attic of my grandparents’ home in Lebanon, I pulled out a pre-loved copper bowl which I ended up using to create my first candle, by adapting the natural ingredients I had on hand.

The love for digital and handcraft

I never lost my artistic spark, when
I pursued a digital career as a Digital Creative Consultant in The Netherlands; yet many years down the line, visiting this very old home brought back cherished memories of childhood years spent sifting through forgotten things and reusing them for fun crafts. It was then that I had my light bulb moment… that I wanted to design my own experiences to enjoy and draw pleasure from the things I do.

Flambé Fleuri, for me,

is therefore not just a hobby turned into business, it’s a soul-searching journey, a reminder that we can choose to change the way we feel by transforming our surroundings and creating a positive mindset, by simply lighting a scented candle.

It also gives me a sense of personal fulfillment to be sharing my journey with the world, while collaborating with like-minded artists from around the globe, to design a unique product that encapsulates the essence of luxury and quality of sustainable and natural products, for the wellbeing of my customers and the environment.


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